Dollars and Dentists: PBS special

PBS Frontline just released a documentary called “Dollars and Dentists” this week. The documentary investigates aspects of America’s broken dental care system. One area highlighted by the documentary was the rise of corporate owned dental offices. This types are offices are designed to create high profits for the owners (non-dentists) at the expense of poor patient care.

In the past it was easy to spot these types of …

How to pick the Right Dentist for Invisalign

So you decided you are tired of your crooked smile and you want to get Invisalign clear braces. Where do you start? Well you have come to the right place!

There are lots of factors to consider so let’s get started.


Orthodontist or General Dentist:

Invisalign can be done by an Orthodontist or General Dentist provided that they have completed the necessary training. There as pros and cons to …

Preventive Dentistry

There is a nice article about prevention by Dr. Thomas Connelly from the The bottom line, it is much cheaper to visit the dentist twice a year then it is to wait until your teeth hurt.

Dr. Connelly’s advice for dentistry on a budget:

• Brush 3x a day — after each meal. Yes, bring a toothbrush to work.

• Floss every evening.

• See your dentist twice …

The history of Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) in Dentistry

Dr. Horace Wells

Nitrous oxide was discovered in 1772, but its use was limited to recreational use, with the purpose to cause euphoria and slight hallucinations, in British upper class in 1799, known as “laughing gas parties”. People found that inhaling a little of the gas would make you laugh (hence the name) and that inhaling a little more would knock you unconscious.


It was not until 1844 when …