Hungry Hungry Hippos Need Special Toothbrushes

The Shanghai Zoo has made a special four foot long toothbrush to clean the teeth of their zoo hippos.

While wild hippos do not need their teeth cleaned because their diet comprises primarily of grass, at the zoo they are fed many different fruits and vegetables, which tend to get stuck inside their teeth and hence require regular cleaning.

The zoo had been using a broom to clean out the …

NC woman breaks into dentist office for toothpaste and toothbrush

She really wanted to brush her teeth!

This might be one of my favorite “dumb things people do” stories.

A 27-year-old Virgina Sue Craig of North Carolina faces breaking and entering and larceny charges over the theft of two tubes of toothpaste and a toothbrush from a dentist’s office.

According to police the theft took place between 4p.m. and 4:30pm. The combined value of the missing items is $10, police …

Video your kid after the dentist and make big money

David DeVore - YouTube sensation

In January of 2009 a little video on YouTube of David DeVore’s delirious behavior after dental surgery became an internet sensation. The video has been viewed more than 60 million times! It has also netted the family more than $150,000 from YouTube fees and merchandise. They even have their own website (

The DeVore family has recently signed a deal to make dental scrubs and …

The cost of the Tooth Fairy

All parents have come to this situation, how much should the Tooth Fairy pay for a tooth?

In a survey by the Chicago Dental Society earlier this year, more than half of the respondents thought $1 per tooth was a fair price for the Tooth Fairy. However, 16 percent said the Fairy should pay $2 per tooth, and 17 percent said $5 per tooth.

There are several things to consider …