How to pick the Right Dentist for Invisalign

So you decided you are tired of your crooked smile and you want to get Invisalign clear braces. Where do you start? Well you have come to the right place!

There are lots of factors to consider so let’s get started.


Orthodontist or General Dentist:

Invisalign can be done by an Orthodontist or General Dentist provided that they have completed the necessary training. There as pros and cons to each, but it normally breaks down to experience and cost.


What to look for from your Dentist/Orthodontist:

  • Ask about the number of cases they have completed. Some cases can take over a year, so be sure to ask about the number of cases completed not just the ones the dentist has started.
  • Ask how long they have been providing Invisalign to their patients.
  • Ask to see before and after picture of actual patients they have treated. Invisalign provides dentists with stock before and after pictures, but be sure to see the actual work fo the dentist.
  • Has the dentist completed cases that are similar to your teeth? This is an important point if you have a complicated case. You don’t want your dentist to be in over their head or making promises on unrealistic outcomes.
  • Invisalign treatment often requires visiting your dentist every few weeks to get new aligners and check the progress of your teeth movement. Ask your dentist how often they will want to see you and ask who you will see on each visit. The Invisalign dentist loses money on every visit they see you, so make sure your dentist will be invested in your care throughout the treatment. Some dentist might have a dentist assistant check your progress to save their time.


Experience vs. the Best Deal:

Because there are so many Invisalign providers there is a lot of competition, which drives down the cost of Invisalign. You get what you pay for is often the case with Invisalign. Choosing the provider that offers the cheapest price might leave you with the cheapest care. This can lead to drawn out care and disappointing outcomes.

Invisalign has an experience designation system that identifies dentist based on the number of cases completed. Preferred Providers have completed as least 10 cases during the past year. Premier Providers have treated at least 50 cases total and do at least 25 cases every 6 months. The Premier Elite Providers has completed at least 300 cases and treats 50 cases every 6 months. Where multiple Invisalign providers are associated with a single combined practice, the Invisalign Advantage Program designation reflects that of the dentist or orthodontist with the most Invisalign cases submitted. Always ask about the individual Invisalign experience of any doctor you consider. When looking at qualification criteria remember the quantity of cases says nothing about the quality of the outcomes.

Many Invisalign providers offer free Invisalign consults. Don’t be afraid to shop around to find a dentist that you are comfortable with. If you are happy with your current general/cosmetic dentist they might be the best place to start. If they don’t offer Invisalign in their practice ask them for a recommendation.

Make sure you are committed to the process before you start treatment with whichever dentist you choose. The success of your treatment usually begins and ends with your level of commentment to wearing the Invisalign aligners.

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