Dentist sued after patient dies of oral cancer

New Jerseydentist, Francis Barbieri Jr., DDS,  is being sued by the estate of a firefighter who died last year of oral cancer at the age of 33.

The lawsuit alleges that Steven Runyon’s dentist first noticed a “raised area” on his patient’s tongue in December 2008 — nine months before he first was diagnosed with cancer — and failed to advise him to look into it further. Runyon saw Dr. …

New Jersey man arrested for unlicensed dentistry

I remember back in the day the local newspaper would report about a stolen car or a burglary. At some point this became such a common event that it stopped being news. I’m starting to wonder when this will happen to the unlicensed dentistry in peoples home!

Adolfo A. Silverio, 58, was charged with practicing dentistry without a license and the unlicensed possession of a prescription legend drug on July …

Preventive Dentistry

There is a nice article about prevention by Dr. Thomas Connelly from the The bottom line, it is much cheaper to visit the dentist twice a year then it is to wait until your teeth hurt.

Dr. Connelly’s advice for dentistry on a budget:

• Brush 3x a day — after each meal. Yes, bring a toothbrush to work.

• Floss every evening.

• See your dentist twice …

Update: Dentist arrested after struggle with patient

The Florida Department of Health has suspended the license of Michael Hammonds, DDS, who operates Elkcam Dental in Deltona, after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting an 85-year-old patient, according to a story in theOrlando Sentinel.…